FLS – FTIR Sampling System

The IAG FLS is the ideal additional device to your FTIR to turn it into a complete, simple and safe working measuring build-up.

The IAG FLS were designed as additional devices for the simple and safe operation of FTIR analyzers. They provide a fully
heated, filtered and adjustable sample gas flow through the analyzer, provided by a reliable heated sample gas pump. Setup is very simple and can be carried out in just a few minutes.

It only needs the connection of two heated lines, one to the FTIR and one to the sampling point, network connection, power and purge gas connections. Operation can be done on the device via pushbuttons, or via the provided software which also shows all important FTIR and FLS parameters such as sample flow, gas cell pressure and system temperatures.

Before and after measuring the device automatically starts purging the analyzer with nitrogen which will help to avoid costly mishaps such as corrosive probes condensing inside the gas cell. To achieve optimum measuring accuracy all gas contacted surfaces are stainless steel or PTFE with a uniform heating and minimised internal volume.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 300x460x490mm
Weight: 20kg
Sample Gas Connections: Swagelok ¼”
Heated Line Connections: 2x Binder 693
Purge Gas Connection: CPI Quick Connect
Temperature Range: 5-200°C
Adjustable Sample Flow: 2-10l/min
Filter Element: A=70 cm2
Power Supply: 115VAC 60Hz / 230VAC 50Hz