MSJ - Gas Line Switch

IAG MSJ gas line switches are impressive for their extremely compact design, lasting, complete seal tightness and

IAG gas line switches are especially impressive because of their compactness and long life even under heavy usage conditions. As with every IAG device, special attention is paid to careful gas flow with minimal internal volume and no stub lines or undercutting, as well as uniform heating with ample performance for heating up quickly. The MSJs have an in-built heat regulator for internal heating. Control of the compressed-air balanced valve is bit parallel with 24V control voltage. The maximum line diameter for gas inlets for the MSJ 12 is 35 mm.

The MSJ 2,4 and 8 are backflushable. The MSJ 2 can be equipped with 2 extra heating circuits for oncoming heated lines. Maximum inlet pressure for all MSJ is 3 bar. All MSJ are available in a high pressure version for max. 6 bar inlet pressure. If an MSJ is connected to an IAG measuring unit, control, parameterisation and monitoring can be carried out via the measuring unit display.

Technical Data

Dimensions 2 Inlets: 150x390x140 mm
Gas Inlets: Seperately Backflushable
Dimensions 4 Inlets: 150x300x160 mm 12-inlet
Gas Inlets: Seperately Backflushable
Dimensions 8 Inlets: 150x400x160 mm
Gas Inlets: Seperately Backflushable
Dimensions 12 Inlets: 150x390x140 mm
Gas Inlets: Backflushable from Emission Bench
Sample Gas Connections: Swagelok 8mm
Inlet Pressure Standard: max.3bar
Heated Valveblock: max. 200°C
Control Connector: Sub D-15pin
Pin Assignment: 1-12 Gas, Inlets/13 Com/14, 15 Alarmrelais
Power Supply: 230V/250W IEC
Compressed Air: Push in 6 mm, 3-5bar