NMS Mobile - Mobile NH3 Analyzing System

The mobile IAG  measuring  system NMS Mobile is a 191 °C heated extractive diode laser ammonia detection system.

This very compact and light system enables NH3-measurement on board of vehicles. Two sample gas inlets, two analogue outputs, a built-in gas
inlet pressure regulator, a heated sample gas filter, an integrated
purge function as well as a span gas connection are the basic
technical features.

Setup and operation are kept as simple as possible. The function of the systems allows for advanced NH3-analysis including alarm parameterisation, calibration as well as communication via CAN-bus. The operation takes place via touchscreen directly at the device or via communication interface.

Response Time:
Analyzing components like NH3, which are very difficult to detect, require measuring systems that provide optimal response times. IAG has been developing heated pre-filters since 1998 and has
worked ever since to create sampling modules and measuring systems with minimum internal volume, optimized gas flow,
uniform heating and special surface treatment. Therefore, this system has the ability of realizing very short response times.

Another important thing to mention is the maintenance friendliness of our products. Annual maintenance can be easily done by the user and wear parts are available for very reasonable prices.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 505 x 490 x 470 mm
Weight: 27,8 kg
Sample Gas Connections: Quick-Lock 6 mm
Heated Line Connections: 1 x Binder 694
Purge Gas Connection: no separate purge gas connection
Sample Flow: 8-10 l/Min
Filter Cartridge: 70 cm2 PTFE Bond Glass
Laser Path Length: 400 mm
Measuring Range: 0-2000 ppm
Sampling Rate 1 Hz
Detection Limit: 0,8 ppm
Accuracy: 2 % of the measured value
Drift: 1 % p. 8 h, 2 % p. week
Repeatability: 0,5 %
Inlet Pressure: max. 500 mbar
Power Supply: 24V DC