The OFS is the first onboard FTIR system that is as light and compact as other OBD systems and therfore can be mounted on towballs.

This system is covering all future requirements for onboard detec- tion of components like NH3 and N2O that will become limited so- oner or later.

Furthermore it is, like all FTIR systems, able to simultaneously detect a great number of species like water, a great number of different hydrocarbons, various sulfur compounds and formaldehyde.

The OFS is the ideal device to gather experience and get prepared for upcoming tasks in vehicle emission testing.

The systems comes with the latest IAG-nG low pressure calibrations as standard. All IAG-ng customers have unlimited and free of charge access to the latest version of calibrations and methods. The calibrations are stored on the system and will be checked an- nually. On request we will gladly submit a current gas list.

Gas Feed:
Analyzing components like NH3, which are hard to detect correctly, require measuring systems that provide minimal response times. IAG-ng has put a lot of effort in creating sampling modules and measuring systems with minimum internal volume, optimized gas flow,uniform heating and special surface treatment to achieve ex- actly that.

Communication and Operation:
The OFS is prepared to be integrated in onboard CAN networks. The BaudRate and the separate Frame ID’s can be selected in the IAG Software to prevent complications in the CANbus A DBC-File can be used for this configurations to make the use of the device as simple as possible. The IAG nG CAN Interface offers several diagnostic features for easy trobleshooting.

All sensitive components are mounted on a shock absorbing sub- chassis to guarantee contiuous data collection even on rough road sufaces. To prevent gascell contamination the device is equipped with an automatic FTIR gascell purge function which starts when the bat- tery capicity is low. For wet and dirty conditions a Raincover is also available.

For the incoming heated line the OFS features 110 or 230V power supply for up to two meters of length.
It is equipped with a standard IAG-ng filter chamber with an easy to change filter element, and it has got a sample pressure regulator for up to 3bar inlet pressure.

Reardless its compactness the OFS is designed for quick acess to all internal components for easy maintenance. Like all IAG-ng pro- ducts the OFS is using maintenance parts from IAG-nG ́s modular design range.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 620x520x380mm
Weight: ~50kg
Sampling Rate: 5Hz
Sample Flow: 8-10l/min
Detector: MCT
Gas Cell: 5.11 m Path Length, 70 ml
Spectral Resolution: 0,5 cm
Gas Cell Temperature: 191 °C