All IAG pre-filters have one thing in common: the IAG filter chamber. Minimal dead volume for fast operating times, optimum flow efficiency for consistent filter loading, uniform heating for undistorted measurement results. IAG filter chambers can accept a wide range of filter types for any purpose, and they have the same dimensions to make them interchangeable.

Filter cartridges

Overview of the IAG filter cartridge range.

LFS - Heated Line Filter

The LFS is a compact, heated line filter where, thanks to a filter fitting that is decoupled from the housing, it is possible for the filter to be changed without closing off the heated hoses.

LFD - Heated Line Filter with Pressure Regulator

The LFD is a compact, backflushable line filter with an integrated pressure regulator. Because the filter fitting is decoupled from the housing, the filter can be changed without closing off the heating hoses.

VFE - Pre-Filter Unit

The VFE is a low-cost pre-filter with all the benefits of IAG filter technology.

VFH - Pre-Filter Heated Line

The VFH is a compact pre-filter, including its own heat control as well as a heating circuit for connection to an external heating line.

VFD - Pre-Filter with Pressure Regulator

The VFD is a compact pre-filter including integrated pressure regulator but without built-in heat control. The VFD can be operated using any common heat controller, or it can be integrated in an IAG measuring unit.

VFC - Pre-Filter Compact

The VFC is a universally applicable, self-supporting pre-filter with an integrated pressure regulator and heat control for a heated hose.

VFS - Pre-Filter System

The VFS family with 1, 2 or 4 measurement gas inlets are the all-rounders in pre-filter systems.