Pre-Filters / Pressure Regulators

The range of IAG pressure regulator modules extends from unheated EGR pressure regulators to complex, heated pre-filter systems with an integrated pressure regulator and multiple gas inlets. Common to all is the patented piston type regulator, guaranteeing the utmost in precision, stability and durability.

VFS - Prefilter System

The VFS is an extremely compact, autonomous multi sample filter for flexible construction of a wide range of test set-ups.

VFC - Prefilter Compact

The VFC is a self-supporting filter/pressure regulator unit that can be quickly and easily integrated into a test set-up.

VFD - Prefilter with Pressure Regulator

The VFD is a compact filter pressure regulator, offering an alternative to an LFD line filter with pressure governor.

ADR02 - Exhaust Gas Pressure Regulator

The ADR02 is a versatile pressure regulator that can be customized to your requirements.