Test Cell Technology

Our range of services includes various systems:

  • Analyzing Systems (FTIR, KMS)
  • Pressure Controllers
  • Pre-Filters
  • Gas Feed
  • Test Cell Equipment
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IAG service philosophy

Optimum customer care is our overriding principle. This means responding to customer requirements on an individual basis and developing tailored solutions in every case.

The range extends from a convenient, all-inclusive service contract that covers all maintenance and repair costs, to self-maintenance carried out by the user. This can be accomplished through simple replacement of component groups or complete maintenance by the customer.

Using IAG system construction kits with many common parts, only a minimal number of wearing parts are required to be able to constantly guarantee usability. We always keep a very extensive stock of replacement parts to ensure the shortest possible amount of downtime in every case. 

Analyzing Systems

As a leader in FTIR measurement, we have extensive experience in the application of this technology.

Pressure Controllers

The range of IAG pressure controller modules extends from unheated EGR pressure controllers to complex, heated pre-filter systems with an integrated pressure controller and multiple gas inlets. Common to all is the patented piston type regulator, guaranteeing the utmost in precision, stability and durability.


All IAG pre-filters have one thing in common: the IAG filter chamber. Minimal dead volume for fast operating times, optimum flow efficiency for consistent filter loading, uniform heating for undistorted measurement results.

Gas Feed

Precise gas conditioning is a fundamental pre-requisite for accurate measurement - and this is precisely where our core competence lies. An IAG gas feed is always the ideal way to connect a sampling point to an analyser.

Test Cell Equipment

We offer a wide range of handy items of test cell equipment for seamless operation.

Custom solutions

We are constantly developing customised solutions for specific usage requirements. From tailor-made modules to be integrated into existing systems, to full development of devices and equipment exclusively branded for the customer. We have a long tradition of building engineering solutions in the areas of hardware and software.