TRE08 - Temperature Controller

The TRE08 is a high-performance temperature ontroller for supplying long heated hoses for extensive multiple
samples or even precise monitoring of multiple control circuits.

TRE08 is far more than just a temperature controller. This is partly because of its enormous performance capability – up to 63A total power consumption on 8 control circuits – and partly because of its versatility in terms of control tasks and communications options. The 8 PID control circuit can safely and precisely manage heated lines, heated/cooled lines, heated sample gas pumps or whatever else is required. Even special tasks such as fast adjustments, parameter switching etc can be carried out using the TRE08.

Like all IAG modules, the TRE08 can also be controlled and configured in a wide variety of ways. If active control is needed (such as for controlling an HKL), this can be done either via bit parallel or via Modbus TCP. Depending on the configuration, the TRE08 has up to 8 freely programmable digital outputs that can be used for controlling an MSJ junction unit, for example.

If the TRE08 is connected to an IAG measuring unit, it will be displayed in the measuring units display and can be fully monitored and configured from there. In the simplest case, the TRE08 can carry out its control functions fully autonomously and can display any interference as a digital signal. Parameterisation is then carried out either via a system control panel (SCP) or with an extremely handy configuration software package via Modbus TCP.

Technical Data

Temperature Controller: PID Controller, 8 Control Circuits
Parameterisation: Via Modbus TCP or via
System Control Panel (SCP)
Control: Modbus TCP, AK TCP, Digital Input via Sub-D or System Control Panel (SCP)
Pin Assignment: Pins 1,2,3 - Digital in, Pin 6 - Com
Alarm Output: Sub-D (9-Pin), Pins 7,8,9 - NO/NC
3A Heat Supply: 693 6+Pe Flange Socket Connector
Standard Pin Assignment: 1-L,2-TC+,5-TC-,6-N
15A Heat Supply: 694 4+Pe Flange Socket Connector
Standard Pin Assignment: 1-L,2-N,3-TC+,4-TCMSJ
Control: Sub-D (15-Pin)
Dimensions: 320x400x170 mm
Power Supply: 400V / 32A or 63A CEE, 3m/Schuko