versa06 – FTIR Analyzing System

Based on our long lasting experience with the FTIR technology the IAG versa06 is a reliable and service-friendly analyzing system with high precision and stability.

User friendliness, high dynamic, careful gas flow, easy maintenance and the flexibility of the modular IAG design are important advantages of the IAG versa06 exhaust analysing systems.

IAG versa06 stands for  high availability and low operating costs, optimizing your use of resources. Based on our years of experience in treating sample gas, one of the greatest strengths is its ability to analyse even gas components that are hard to detect.

Every available analysis method and calibration type is included in this model. The library is constantly being extended, with all updates being automatically passed on to users. Calibrations are permanently stored on the device and checked once a year.

Accuracy and Response:
Careful gas flow within the device plays a central role in the detection of components that are hard to measure. The benefits of the IAG FTIR technology is based on optimized gas flow without any cold spots as well as closed loop control for pressure and temperature in the gas cell are the base for the precision of the system. As an option the flow can be adjusted and controlled. For high dynamic measurements a high speed version with a measuring rate of 5Hz is available.

The options for communication with the test bench environment range from AK serial, TCP or remote desktop connection to straightforward bit parallel control. Adaptation to meet customers’ needs and providing custom solutions is our standard.

Reliable use of the FTIR technology requires new overall concepts of FTIR analysing systems. The IAG versa06 includes a safety system which protects the device from damage in case of an interruption of the voltage or purge air supplies by full automatic purging. 

The IAG versa06 can be combined with any IAG sampling modules. The options here extend from a simple heated line sucking the sample, to extensive multiple extraction systems with pressure regulators, switching units and high temperature extraction lines. All sampling modules are remotely controlled by the measurement device itself and are displayed at the device display panel. Every parameter such as temperature and switching status for the entire system can be configured and operated from a central location.

We take care of our customers with individually tailored maintenance solutions. Our offering ranges from full service contracts covering all running costs to servicing by the user who, thanks to the IAG modular system, can carry out all maintenance work himself quickly and easily. Capable care and optimum support are ‘givens’ for our customers.

Detectable Components Overview:
See datasheet

Technical data

Dimensions: 900x600x1260mm
Sampling rate: 1Hz / 5Hz
Sample Flow Rate: 8-10 l/min or 12-15l/min
Sample Flow 5Hz: 20-25l/min
Sample Flow Adjustable: 3-10l/min or 4-15l/min
Sample Flow 5Hz adj.: 5-25l/min
Purge Gas: Nitrogen 5.0 or puri!ed air
Detector: MCT
Gas Cell: 5.11 m path length, 200ml
Spectral Resolution: 0,5cm-1
Gas Cell Temperature: 190°C
Compressed Air Supply: 5 bar, dry and oil-free
Power Supply: 400V / 16A CEE