versa06 – FTIR Analyzing System

The new versa06 Compact offers precisely what its name sug- gests:
All the proven capabilities of the original versa06, but in a sleek and more compact design.

The new Versa06 Compact is - as the name reveals - a new version of the proven Versa06 with the same footprint, but a height of only 730mm rather than 1240mm. The idea was to create a FTIR only system and to dispense the pos- sibilty of an integration of additional analysers later on. This concentration on the FTIR results in a very sleek design which is a lot more compact in dimensions and a new milestone in service friendliness. The Versa06 Compact is designed as a low-pressure system, which means it does not require a heated sample gas pump. The most common options of the standard Versa06, like automatic liquid nitrogen refill and software adjustable sample gas flow are also available on the Versa06 Compact.

The systems comes with the latest IAG-ng low pressure calibrations as standard.
All IAG-ng customers have unlimited and free of charge access to the latest version of calibrations and methods.
The calibrations are stored on the system and will be checked an- nually.
On request we will gladly submit a current gas list.

Reliable use of the FTIR technology requires new overall concepts of FTIR analyzing systems. The IAG nG versa06 Compact includes a safety system which protects the device from damage in case of an interruption of the voltage or purge air supplies by full automatic purging.

The Versa06 Compact has no internal filter and has therefore to be used in conjunction with a VFS-LP.
This prefilter incorporates a backflushable IAG nG filter chamber and all the functions of a standard VFS.
It can be equipped with up to 6 gas inlets, has a exhaust gas pressure regulator for up to 6 bar inlet pressure and fulfills all requirements to comply with EPA regulations.
On top of that it is equipped with a FTIR safety purge function and, optional, with a sample gas flow control valve.

We take care of our customers with individually tailored maintenance solutions. Our offering ranges from full service contracts covering all running costs to servicing by the user who, thanks to the IAG nG modular system, can carry out all maintenance work himself quickly and easily. Capable care and optimum support are ‘givens’ for our customers.

Technical data

Dimensions: 1240x610x750mm
Sampling rate: 1Hz / 5Hz
Sample Flow Rate: 8-10 l/min
Sample Flow 5Hz: 20-25l/min
Sample Flow Adjustable: 2-15l/min
Sample Flow 5Hz adj.: 5-25l/min
Purge Gas: Nitrogen 5.0 or puri!ed air
Detector: MCT
Gas Cell: 5.11 m path length, 200ml
Spectral Resolution: 0,5cm-1
Gas Cell Temperature: 190°C
Compressed Air Supply: 5 bar, dry and oil-free
Power Supply: 400V / 16A CEE