VFE - Prefilter Unit

The VFE is a low-cost pre-filter with all the benefits of IAG filter technology.

The VFE is a compact, heated pre-filter offering the ultimate in measurement accuracy and user-friendliness. This means lasting, complete gas-tightness, careful gas flow and compact, careful construction.

The filter chamber has a minimum dead volume and extremely uniform heating with a fast heating-up time, and can accept any IAG filter element. The forward-facing filter fitting seal makes it quick and easy to replace filter elements. Heat can be regulated using any current temperature regulator.

As with every IAG device, the pin assignment and type of temperature sensor can be supplied according to the customer’s wishes.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 150x145x105mm
Sample Gas Connections: Swagelok 8mm
Filter Element: A=70 cm2, Backwashable
Power Supply: 230V/125W 693 6+Pe/600mm
Standard Pin Assignment: 1-L,2-TC+,5-TC-,6-N