VFH - Prefilter Heated Line

The VFH is a compact, heated pre-filter offering the ultimate in measurement precision and user-friendliness. This means lasting, complete gas-tightness, careful gas flow and compact, careful construction.

The filter chamber has a minimum dead volume and extremely uniform heating with a fast heating-up time, and can accept any IAG filter element. The forward-facing filter fitting seal makes it quick and easy to replace filter elements.

The heat level is controlled by means of 2 heat controllers with settings made on the front panel. The VFH can optionally be
supplied with an alarm output for parameter monitoring.


Technical Data

Dimensions: 225x170x115mm
Sample Gas Connections: Swagelok 8mm
Filter Element: A=70cm², Backwashable
Heated Line Connection: 693 6+Pe Connectors
Standard Pin Assignment: 1-L,2-TC+,5-TC-,6-N
Alarm Output: 711 Flange Socket Connector
Pin Assignment: Pin 1 - Internal Heating (NO)
Pin 2 - Heating Line (NO)
Pin 3 - COM
Power Supply: 230V/2,3kW 1,5m/Schuko